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QUESTION: Do I need to have a termite inspection when I buy a home?


large-frame-houseTermites love homes in Florida! We have everything that termites love. We have a moist climate. We have soil that is easy to tunnel. We have homes that are primarily wood framed construction. We have a very damp atmosphere. We also have a lot of Florida home owners that do NOT get termite inspections on a regular basis. You paid SEVERAL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for your home, you should have this expensive real estate inspected for termite infestation. But, most home owners do not have annual termite inspections. Most home owners have annual or mileage inspections for their vehicle, but not on their home.

Government backed mortgages, FHA and FL loans will sometimes require a termite inspection. Most conventional loans will not.

QUESTION: Can’t I buy a brick home and avoid the risk of termites?

ANSWER: You can buy a brick home, but the framing is probably wood frame. Further, most homes have some wood in the construction, i.e. wood plates between the foundation and the brick ledge, wood sills for doors and windows, etc. Wood is almost indispensable in home construction in Florida.

QUESTION: I’ve seen homes for sale that offer to transfer their “Termite Warranty”. Isn’t that as good as having a termite inspection?

ANSWER: NO !  While many termite warranties would transfer to the new owner, some do not. It’s in the very fine print. Also – TERMITES HAVE NOT USUALLY READ THE WARRANTY.

Combat Termite SpecialistBefore purchasing real estate, it is highly advisable to employ the services of a licensed termite inspector in addition to a traditional home inspector. Termites damage far exceeds damage caused to homes by tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding and is rarely covered by homeowner insurance policies. Traditional home inspectors are not thoroughly trained to recognize existing or potential termite damage. Early detection can save homeowners thousands of dollars.

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