Ants vs. Termites

Learn the Dangerous Difference

If you see winged, ant-like insects flying around your property, you need to know whether they are ants of subterranean termites. If they are swarming termites, an established colony of these house-damaging insects is looking for new nesting areas… and your house is in danger.

The illustrations above highlight the differences between winged ands and winged termites. Look them over carefully and check them against the insects flying around your structure.

If the insects are indeed termites, call us immediately. We will eliminate the old colony and protect your house from these damaging invaders. Call us if you’re still not sure after checking the illustrations, and we will confirm identification and treat, if necessary.

These are Termites



Remains hidden inside wood or earth. Resembles an ant, except that the subterranean termite is grayish-white, instead of red or black, has thick waist and straight antennae. His job is to feed the colony, so he travels between the ground and nest through tubes cut into the wood.



Remains hidden inside wood or earth. Resembles the worker; except for a longer, armored head with large jaws. He defends the colony against ants and other predators.



Young queens swarm to form new colonies. A queen termite is brownish or black with a thick waist and two pairs of wings equal in length. Her only duty is to lay eggs.